Spring Into Change


The start of each new year inspires many people to make resolutions to improve themselves or their situations. These vows to change – to exercise more, eat better, read more, etc. – are positive and worthwhile.

The coming of Spring is another season that offers the promise of fresh possibilities, new life, and the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. We plant a seed into moist soil and watch it grow and ripen into a plant. We watch the explosion of green everywhere as tiny buds blossom into leaves and flowers. We throw open our doors and windows to let in the fresh air and sunlight, and embark on spring cleaning with a fervor.

While physical change is a good place to start, why stop there? Use this time to make much-needed changes in your relationships and communication patterns, too. We see conflict nearly everywhere we look these days. Turn on the news, and it is there. Read the newspaper, and it jumps out at you. Go into our homes, look at our families, and we see squabbles, dysfunction, and division.

Maybe it is time to take a different approach and learn how to resolve conflict constructively. While many situations are outside of our control, we are able to determine our response to circumstances. Everyone fights or gets into disagreements from time to time; that is human nature. The important thing is to learn how to work things out in a civil, productive way.

As a Mediator, I do not exclusively meet with people who are in a crisis, legal situation, or divorce. Sometimes my clients just want to change their relational patterns, and they come to me for help and advice. If you are ready to learn how to better resolve issues with your spouse (or significant other), your children (or adult children), your parents, or anyone else, reach out to me and we can schedule an appointment. The best kind of change always starts with you.

Photo credit: Cristian N. MORMOLOC