Family Law Services

Family Law Services

Lynda J. Robbins provides the following mediation and family law services for divorce and other family disputes:

Mediation – Family Law Mediator

Mediation is not psychotherapy, marital counseling or legal representation. A family mediator with a background in law does not represent clients during the mediation process, but rather serve as neutral facilitators of the decision-making process. Learn more about Mediation in Divorce and Family Law >>

Collaborative Law

In Collaborative Law (also called Collaborative Practice), the parties work with attorneys and other trained professionals to reach an Agreement without going to Court, except to obtain the final approval by a judge. Learn more about Collaborative Law >>

Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation is not therapy or counseling. Marital mediation is not about your parents’ marriage, or analyzing why you behave the way you do. Instead, as an objective third party, Lynda Robbins listens and helps you think outside the box as we explore alternatives you may not have thought about before to address problems and concerns in your marriage. By addressing the superficial concerns, it allows parties to focus on their relationship and strengthen rather than dissolve their marriage.
Unlike Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Practice, in which the objective is to make the divorce process as smooth and fair as possible, the goal of Marital Mediation is to seek ways to keep the couple together and resolve their differences.

Parenting coordinator

A parenting coordinator is a trained attorney or mental health professional appointed by the Court to assist parents in resolving disagreements about parenting schedules and children’s activities. Parenting coordinators are usually appointed as part of the divorce judgment but, can be appointed earlier. Not everyone who advertises themselves as a parenting coordinator is trained. Lynda Robbins has been trained by leaders in the field and has many years experience.

Settlement Counsel

Some parties are not comfortable with mediation or collaborative practice and simply want to negotiate a resolution between themselves, often with the help of attorneys. Lynda Robbins works with parties, with the understanding that she will not go to court except to help process the final divorce or other judgment.

Lynda facilitates the parties’ legal negotiations by working with her client and counsel for the other party using her problem-solving skills and training developed as a mediator and collaborative practitioner.  She advises clients and drafts proposed Agreements to resolve all aspects of family law disputes.

Lynda also works with clients who are negotiating their settlements with other mediators but need assistance in evaluating proposals, approaching negotiations, drafting documents and/or processing the final divorce or other judgment.

Case Evaluation

Parties sometimes need a fresh perspective to evaluate a case.  Attorneys as well as their clients can get invested in a certain outcome or fail to see options.  As a case evaluator, Lynda Robbins will review documents and materials presented by the parties and meet with the parties and/or their attorneys during a pre-set time to assist them in reaching settlement.  Case evaluation can be from one perspective or as a neutral consultant to both parties.  The evaluation is not binding on the parties but, often results in settlement.


Simply put, facilitation is the process of designing and running a successful meeting. Facilitation can be useful in addressing matters such as family disputes, neighbor disagreements or concerns, workplace issues, organizational needs or goals.

The Facilitator attends to all the tasks needed to run a productive and impartial meeting including helping to assess whether or not facilitation is the right process for the situation, organizing and designing the meeting, helping identify desired objectives, setting agendas and establishing ground rules as well as conducting the meeting in a neutral and organized manner. Facilitation serves the needs of groups of all sizes who are meeting with a common purpose, whether making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information.

Lynda Robbins is a trained facilitator and has many years of experience in facilitating meetings. She is available to assist groups of all types.