Divorce Mediation – Reduce Divorce Costs and Minimize Emotional Toll

You may be wondering, if divorce is already costly, why spend money on divorce mediation?

“Divorce mediation helps to reduce some of the costs and minimize the emotional toll of divorce.”

The Cost of Divorce

Let’s face it – by its very nature, nothing about the divorce process comes inexpensively. Spouses starting out with one household that may have already been on a tight budget are now creating two households. That means they will need two sets of furniture, two kitchens, and two of just about everything else. Add to that legal fees, expert fees, etc. and one can begin to see just how quickly expenses can mount.

Then of course there are the hidden costs. Divorce is emotional and takes a toll on parties, as well as children (if any) and extended family and friends. There will also be the lost work hours for days spent sitting in Court and in lawyers’ offices. The list goes on.

The Solution of Divorce Mediation

Truth be told, divorce mediation does not eliminate all of this headache, heartache, and expense of divorce. What divorce mediation does do, however, is help to reduce some of the costs and minimize the emotional toll associated with divorce. How?

Divorce mediation focuses on you and your situation, allowing you and your spouse to shape the ending of your marriage and the beginning of the next phase of your lives. The divorce mediator realizes that the two of you know best what your family needs.

Yes, you will still need two households going forward. But if you and your spouse are able to talk calmly, you may be able to share more of what you already own, and help each other fill in the blanks. You may also be able to work together to figure out a parenting plan, as well as other logistics.

If you use joint experts, you can make their jobs easier by readily providing all relevant information for them to do their jobs efficiently. Instead of focusing on being adversarial litigators, your attorneys can serve as advisors and legal counsel. The bulk of the negotiation work will be done with the neutral divorce mediator, helping to contain legal costs.  As a result, more of your time and energy, AND your financial resources, can be focused on yourself, your family, and your work.

Use your money wisely. Call for an appointment.