Category: Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation may include the divorce mediator, an attorney trained in divorce mediation representing each party, and the divorcing parties. In many cases, there also may be additional advisors, such as financial advisors, included in the process.

A divorce mediator does not represent clients during the mediation process, but rather serve as neutral facilitators of the decision-making process. The divorce mediator helps the parties understand the laws applicable to divorce and separation and negotiate fair and reasonable determination of parental responsibilities, financial obligations and division of property.

Even if a Mediator is trained as an attorney, s/he is required to be neutral in this particular role and thus cannot give specific advice to one spouse over the other. S/he may not convey any personal opinions on various matters, but can only inform about what the law would say in particular instances, or ask questions to put certain issues on the table. For this reason, even though it is not absolutely required to hire an attorney during divorce Mediation, it is highly recommended that each spouse does so in order to have someone specifically in his or her corner as an advocate.

I have written a number of blog articles related to Divorce Mediation to help you understand what Divorce Mediation is and how it works. If you think divorce mediation might be the right divorce option for you, please contact me so we can have a discussion.

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