Resources for Children During a Divorce

Today there are many helpful resources for children during a divorce. This was not always the case. In years past, when divorce was not as common, children of divorcing parents often found themselves isolated and unable to connect with others who could understand. The stigma of their parents’ divorce was often humiliating, especially since most of their friends’ parents were still together. Read More >>

Taking Care of Yourself

Divorcing parents have a lot to juggle, between emotional turmoil, financial stress, and significant physical changes such as a move.

When children are in the picture, it becomes even more challenging to navigate the shifting relational scene. While it is unrealistic to hope children will emerge completely unscathed from a divorce, considerate parents should want to spare their children as much heartache, confusion, and guilt as possible. Read More >>

Preferred Dispute Resolution Methods

Are Mediation and Collaborative Practice Alternate or Preferred Dispute Resolution Methods?Mediation and Collaborative Practice have long been considered “alternate” dispute resolution methods.Those who practice these professions, however, have argued that these methods should actually be the “go to” approach for couples seeking to work through their divorce, with litigation only being a last resort if the parties cannot work out their differences among themselves. Read More >>

Working with Therapists or Marriage Counselors During Divorce Mediation

While not essential to the process, working with therapists or marriage counselors during divorce Mediation can be tremendously helpful for couples who are trying to process the emotional aspects of divorce. The work of therapists/counselors and Mediators is not mutually exclusive.

Considering a Divorce While Working with a Therapist

If you are already working with a therapist, you know how useful s/he can be in helping you sort out your emotions and work through the realities of your situation. It is important to take some time to sort through what you are experiencing in your marriage before you decide to move ahead one way or another. Read More >>

Divorce Mediation – Reduce Divorce Costs and Minimize Emotional Toll

You may be wondering, if divorce is already costly, why spend money on divorce mediation?

“Divorce mediation helps to reduce some of the costs and minimize the emotional toll of divorce.”

The Cost of Divorce

Let’s face it – by its very nature, nothing about the divorce process comes inexpensively. Spouses starting out with one household that may have already been on a tight budget are now creating two households. That means they will need two sets of furniture, two kitchens, and two of just about everything else. Add to that legal fees, expert fees, etc. and one can begin to see just how quickly expenses can mount. Read More >>

Divorce Mediator Role

While many people may have heard of divorce Mediators, far fewer actually understand the divorce mediator role.

What a Divorce Mediator Can Do            

Mediation is a non-adversarial process for resolving Family Law disputes associated with separation, divorce, post-divorce modifications, and other family issues. Within this area of practice, divorce Mediators are those who have chosen to work specifically with couples who have decided to go through with a divorce.

Divorce Mediators are neutral individuals trained to help parties understand the legal ramifications of separation and divorce. Their job is to facilitate the process of crafting a divorce agreement that reflects each couple’s particular circumstances. This includes helping them negotiate a fair approach to handling any parental responsibilities, property divisions, and/or financial obligations. Read More >>

Divorce Mediator Qualifications

Divorce Mediators are valuable professional resources who assist those going through a divorce or navigating the troubled waters leading up to a possible divorce. Divorce Mediators typically offer guidance in legal conflict resolution, without the parties incurring the higher fees that typically come with obtaining a divorce through the Court system. However, it is important to consider the divorce mediator qualifications needed for your situation.

Why Work with a Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator is a neutral, trained individual whose job is to help parties understand the laws applicable to divorce and separation, and assist them in creating a customized divorce agreement that works for their particular circumstances. Read More >>